The Salon du Chocolat will treat young chefs with educational and playful workshops.



Every day, the Chocoland area welcomes children aged from 4 to 10 for educational and playful activities.

In the world of Chocoland, the budding chefs are in charge, with their own chef’s hat and apron. A chance to dive into the world of chocolate and be transformed into a culinary artist.

Three diffrent workshops will be organized in partnership with Hélianthème, Cap Chocolat and Têtes à Croquer. They are aimed at bringing children to look differently at pastry and chocolate through the creation of personal pieces before eating them!

Every day from 11am to 7pm. 24 seats, sessions every 45 minutes, ground floor. Free on-site registration at the entrance of the workshops.



Young chocophiles will be also found on the stand of "PLANETGOUT", the school of the Taste of Chocolate, according to the method of Jacques Puisais. The children will learn by the experiment from the taste from which the chocolate comes and how it is elaborate in order to discover the universe of different chocolate flavours, starting from the varied cocoas of origin, Madagascar being with the honor. They will be able to live 2 workshops for 20 minutes each in a ludic and gravitational teaching logic. They will manufacture a bar “to see, touch and feel the matter cocoa-chocolate” with the chocolate seller Christophe Berthelot - l'Atelier C. Through these workshops, they will learn how their 5 senses work, how to crunch, "listen and taste chocolate differently”. The mini-experts of the taste will exerce their tongues with greedy enigmas to find, by tasting several qualities of chocolate. The experiment of tasting in order to better understand the difference in taste of the chocolates, according to the origins, percentage of cocoa… with ChocoQuizz, starting from the discovery of a broad bean, chocolates of Madagascar and others taste by a blind test.
A certificate of taster will be given and a surprise to the winners!

E29 stand, ground-floor. Free on-site registration at the stand.


Jean-Charles Rochoux,* chocolate-maker and happiness seller, and Galaxie Vujanic, author of illustrated books for children with the Lapingouin collection released by HC Éditions, will be offering Lapingouin Workshops (readings,, colouring and cooking) for budding chefs.

Following a collaboration launched at Easter between Jean-Charles Rochoux and  the children’s album character Lapingouin, the gourmet adventure continues and imaginations roam free. Personalities, colours, materials, life styles... everything with Lapingouin, Tortuchon, Chérisson and Chabeille becomes an inspiration. Children can taste the delicious imaginary world of Lapingouin and his penguin friends, transformed into chocolate by Jean-Charles Rochoux. 

Every day. Ground floor. Chocoland space. On-site registration.

*Jean-Charles Rochoux boutique at 16 rue d'Assas, Paris 6th arrondissement & stand D33 at the Salon du Chocolat.