Demonstrations of chocolate recipes by world-famous chefs

Demonstrations of chocolate recipes by world-famous chefs

The greatest French and international chefs, pastry chefs, master chocolatiers a,d young talents follow one another in the Pastry Show demonstration area to present their best chocolate recipes.

Come experience and savor the techniques, skill, magic, and indulgent treats live!

The demonstrations are presented by Christophe Devé.


Wednesday 28 October - "Relais Desserts Day" featuring: Lionel Raux, Aurélien Trottier, Vincent Guerlais, Arnaud Larher, Jean-Philippe Darcis, Samuel Covin and Grégory Quéré.


Thursday 29 October  - "Chocolate Women Day" featuring Christelle Brua, Nina Metayer, Amandine Chaignot, Ophélie Véron, Emilie Rey, Claire Verneil,  …


Friday 30 October - "Talents & Stars Day" -  Sponsored by Prova Gourmet and featuring: Philippe Conticini, Emmanuel Ryon, Jérôme Chaucesse, Guillaume Sanchez, Julien Alvarez, Christophe Felder, Jean-Jacques Daumy,…


Saturday 31st October - "New Desserts Day" in partnership with Mercotte featuring Jérémy Del Val, Elodie Martins, Jean Baptiste Aybran, Anne-Sophie Rischard, Philippe Urraca, Philippe Baranes & Christophe Boucher, Confédération Nationale des Glaciers de France and Pâtisserie Ciel.


Sunday 1st November - "A world-trip" featuring: Rasmus Bo Bojesen & Tor Stubbe, Hironobu Tsujigushi, Susumu Koyama, Shigeyuki Oishi, Yuko Shimizu and Asuka Yaoita, Pierre Sang, …


Please find below the schedule of demonstrations.